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The Camera-ready at hand

That enigmatic term 'ready at hand' was a phrase used by Martin Heidegger, the influential 20th Century philosopher, describing the being of tools and other instruments of life.  He noted that when we use things we soon cease to notice them as things in themselves but rather in terms of the functionality they offer us.   Their 'being', their essence is no longer of concern to us - it 'withdraws' behind the veil of presence.  When we lift up a...

Photography, Philosophy and Me

One of the outshots of my research has been my rekindled interest in philosophy and the implications it has for photography.  As I will try to explain in this thread of blogs, there are deep philosophical issues in our understanding of photography and - what is very surprising - grasping those issues actually makes a difference to our photographic practice!  I have taught students over the years the epistemological and ontological bases for...