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The Maiden in the Falls

The Maiden in the Falls

About Me

I am an academic with special interests in the field of human judgement and expertise.  I hold a PhD in photography from the University of Gloucestershire and specialise in showing others how to do things much better than I can!  I am also proud to be a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

I am the author of the best selling ‘The Master Photographer – the Journey from Good to Great’ published by Bourchier Books and available from Amazon, other on-line retailers and good book shops.  As part of the development of the methods shown in the book, the IMP Test was born and became the focus of a major research project.

I also use my teaching methods in other areas of business and finance, and hold an emeritus chair at the University of Gloucestershire, and senior honorary fellowships at the Alliance Manchester Business School and the University of Bangor, Wales.

A highly accomplished wildlife photographer – Chris Weston

In the top 10% of image analysts – John Fishback,  Director of Education Services, Photographic Society of America

Student Evaluations consistently rank Bob amongst the top three academics on Manchester’s Global MBA – Professor Elaine Ferneley, Global MBA Director, Alliance Manchester Business School.

Latest News

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