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Introduction to the IMP Test

IMP Test stands for ‘Intuitive Mastery of Photography Test’. It is the product of an intensive programme of research into the exercise of photographic judgement (see my research page for more information).

It is a very simple testing procedure that gives you an insight into the way your photographic mind works and what you can do to transform your photography.

It will tell you the following:

  • The depth of your photographic expertise
  • The most efficient ways of improving your ability to both take and assess photographs
  • The most effective way of achieving an authentic ‘voice’ or ‘style’ in your image making.

The test has three phases:

  1. Phase 1, the assessment of each of twenty images with just three seconds each to make your judgement.
  2. Phase 2, you are asked to order the importance of ten photographic constructs that all the major photographic bodies regard as important in building expertise at any level.
  3. Phase 3, the assessment of the original twenty images under each of the ten photographic constructs taking as long as you like to make your decision.

Once complete, you can return your completed electronic score sheet, or scan a completed paper version and send it to me.  Within a very short while (normally two working days) I will send you your results and my analysis of their significance for you.

It’s as easy as that.  It takes about one hour to do and you will find the results of great value.

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