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What others say about the IMP Test and the book

I wanted to tell you that I am enjoying your unique book. It is rare that I read books in many field (business, strategy, games such as Bridge) about how to improve that impress me. This one does.

ZK 5/2/2019 (Amateur)

I love your book, it is well written and accessible. It is proving to be a great resource for me, making me think ‘outside the box’, and encouraging me to explore new areas and techniques.

MA 28/2/2018 (Amateur)

… I did your IMP test and received the results back at the beginning of April this year. The results were incredibly useful and throughout this year helped me to build a successful panel which lead me to gain my LRPS Distinction three weeks ago…

ML 29/11/2017(Amateur)

What a lot you seem to know about me!

RH 16/11/2017 (Professional)

I am really pleased to have taken your test as it has made me ask questions about my practice that would not have occurred to me…

NMcC 11/8/2018 (Professional)

Very many thanks Bob for allowing me to take your IMP test and for the hours you have spent analysing and giving feedback.  I found it enormously interesting and enlightening. I take on board your comments and suggestions and can easily accept that I am too analytical and not emotional enough in my approach.

JH 13/11/2018 (Amateur)

Many thanks Bob. I’m delighted to say I found the test both absorbing and challenging – and I enjoyed the process.

BB 26/11/2018 (Amateur)

…the IMP test has a continuing impact on my research in that it has revealed a time element to my perceptions that has to be accounted for

NMcC 31/01/2019 (Professional)

Following the programme (IMP Test and book) requires a significant investment of time and effort. I also think that, I will read and re-read the book many times and get something new to concentrate on each time.

PG 01/02/2019 (Amateur)

…I took the opportunity to re-read your book over the weekend; what surprised me, as on my first reading of it last October, is how consciously, or sub-consciously I have been applying many of the principles you discuss, even down to the use of music as a stimulant to both the pre-capture process and during post-processing…

SS 11/03/2019 (Professional)

I have always considered my image making to be a blend of structured process and instinctive intuition – for me the technical side of the camera is pre-process – ISO then dominant variable (aperture of shutter speed), situational adjustments (autofocus etc), focal length selection – and the aesthetic side is instinct – framing, contrast, colour, structure, storytelling and impact.  The results show that many of the ‘process’ elements are also now running under a more intuitive control – unconscious competence perhaps – and that together they are forming a photographic freedom that is allowing the intuitive to dominate producing images that are more connected, heartfelt and mindful not just to me as the photographer but also to the viewer.  This is not to say that there is no more work to do – quite the opposite as the test revealed specific areas which, with further training, I am looking forward to exploring.

SW15/07/2019 (Professional)

It is almost perfect, and in that perfection… the test is a very solid, reliable mechanism to determine what is going on in the mind of the photographer when they are looking at potential images or they’re looking back on images they’ve taken and are assessing them.

CW 25/3/2019 (Professional)