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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What does IMP stand for?

A: IMP is short for Intuitive Mastery of Photography

Q: What does the IMP test measure?

A: It measures the speed and quality of your image taking and assessment by comparing your snap judgement of an image with your more thoughtful analysis of that image against the ten key photographic constructs.

Q: How long does it take?

A: If you work through the test without a break about one hour.

Q: How is the test conducted?

A: There are three phases to the test: (i) you make an instant assessment of 20 images of different types and genres, (ii)  you tell us how you rank those constructs in importance in your image taking or assessment and (iii) you evaluate those images against the 10 key judgement constructs described in our book.

Q: What will the test tell me I don’t know already?

A: It will tell you whether you can rely upon your snap judgement to capture a high quality image or to judge an image.  It will also tell you those elements of photographic expertise you need to develop to bring your skills to the highest possible level.

Q: How reliable is the test?

A: If you take the test conscientiously it will give you good information about where your photographic skills are currently.  Our analytical tools will tell you the degree of confidence you can have in your results.

Q:  Can I have the results straightaway?

A:  When you submit your test results to us we aim to get the results back to you within 48 hours.

Q: I have just started in photography.  Is the test of any value to me?

A: Whatever your stage of development the IMP test will reveal those skills or areas of photographic knowledge that you cannot call upon instantly.  We can then guide you on the best learning strategies for absorbing those skills at a non-conscious level.

Q:  I am thinking of submitting my work for a Royal Photographic Society distinction.  Will the IMP Test help me?

A:  It will help you expand your expertise at a very fundamental level and it can help you develop your authentic photographic voice.  These are vital in achieving the standard required for any distinction level – they are necessary but not sufficient conditions for the highest levels of success.

Q: Are the results confidential?

A: Yes, you will be given an anonymity number and your results will be stored against that number.  Only, the lead researcher will have access to a separate, secure file linking your anonymity number to your personal details.  

Q: Can I take the test a second time?

A: Yes, we recommend a six month gap between testing at which time your hard work following the learning strategy in our book ‘The Master Photographer – the journey from good to great’ will be showing significant improvements in your non-conscious skill as a photographer.