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  1. The IMP Test has four downloadable components: these instructions, a PowerPoint presentation (IMP TEST), an Excel spreadsheet (IMPTEST.xls) and a summary of frequently asked questions about the test. There is also a downloadable score sheet at the end of these instruction that can be printed out and used to transcribe your results into the Excel spreadsheet at the end of the test.
  2. To prepare for the test make sure that you are in a quiet and comfortable location, using a computer running PowerPoint and Excel which has a good quality calibrated monitor. A good quality laptop can also be used. You may wish to play some enlivening music during the three phases of the test.
  3. Download and open the IMPTEST.xls Excel spreadsheet. There is also a downloadable A4 printable table for writing your scores as you go.  It is not advisable to interrupt the running of the IMP Test during Phase 1 so, if you want to enter your scores directly into IMPTEST.xls you will need to download the spreadsheet onto a separate laptop or PC.
  4. Open IMPTAB1 and complete your personal information. This is absolutely confidential between you and the test analyst.
  5. Download the PowerPoint presentation (IMP TEST), select slideshow, and run the presentation as a slideshow from the start. Under ‘View’ in your finder menu you should be able to switch to full screen mode. Pressing escape at any time releases you from slideshow operation.
  6. The test runs over three phases where you can input your scores either into IMPTEST.xls directly on another machine or write them into the downloaded tables.
  7. Run the PowerPoint presentation in slide show mode reading through the early screens using the return key to move from one to the other. Do not use the up or down arrows as this will disturb the performance of the test.
  8. When you commence phase 1 of the test you will be presented with 25 photographic images of different genres and different quality. The first five images in the sequence are there to help you familiarise yourself with the operation of the presentation but you should score them either on IMPTAB2 or manually on the score-sheets provided. You should score each image on a scale from 0 to 100 and we suggest that you put a score of 60 against the first image.
  9. Each image will only be visible for a very short slice of time and, as you view the image, say out loud the first number which comes into your head representing your understanding of the quality of the image you are viewing. Put this down as your score. Do not backtrack and alter earlier scores in the sequence.  Even though you may think your scoring is inconsistent the testing algorithms will sort the problem out.
  10. Once you have completed the first phase of the test this may be an appropriate moment to take a brief break.
  11. The second phase of the test is very straightforward. Bring up the spreadsheet on your computer and open IMPTAB3. Move the 10 sliders to a position representing how important you think each of the judgement criteria listed are in assessing any image.  You can use the printed version to note your preference before putting them into the spreadsheet later.  To the extreme right gives a score of 1000, to the extreme left a score of zero.
  12. Start the PowerPoint slide show where you left off. In the third phase of the test you can now control the length of time you view each image. In IMPTAB4 or on your scoring sheet, make a judgement against each of the 10 criteria for each image giving a score of between zero and 10. Only use round numbers. Do not review your scoring from phase 1 of the test whilst working through phase 3. It is very important that your two styles of thinking are kept separate.  If you are using the download sheets we strongly recommend that you fold over the phase 1 scores whilst completing Phase3.
  13. You have now completed the test. There are two further tabs for the rational experiential inventory (REI), the first is for input and the second for output. This test is optional but it will enable us to make a more rigorous assessment of your IMP TEST results.  Work through the 40 questions on tab REI INPUT and when done you may note your scores in REI OUTPUT.
  14. Once complete, and making sure you have carefully transcribed any written scores into the result TABs of the EXCEL spreadsheet – save a copy using a format such as ‘YOURNAMEIMP’. Then send it back to us either through the web link or to [email protected]
  15. If you have any problems with the files please contact me through the website and I will do what I can to help.
  16. That’s it and thank you for taking the IMP TEST.